About FurSuite

What is FurSuite?
FurSuite is a fast, minimalistic and "invisible" proxy and scripting system for the online fantasy role playing game Furcadia. FurSuite is an invaluable tool for the average player and developers alike. It provides an easy to use interface and simple set of tools coupled with a basic scripting language that both beginner and intermediate programmers can learn. FurSuite is free to use!

What can FurSuite do for me?
FurSuite can be used to sustain your connection for a long period of time, hide advertisements and gain extra control over your Furcadia environment. FurSuite is intended to alter your experience while not being intrusive. To see more about what FurSuite can do, please read the documentation!

What is a proxy?
A proxy, relative to Furcadia, is a program that intercepts the connection between the game client and the game server. The proxy is used to establish a connection to the Furcadia server while the Furcadia client is connected to the proxy.

Why does FurSuite exist?
The main goal of FurSuite is to give anybody the ability to script a bot for Furcadia. I believe Basic is the first programming language that any young developer should be introduced to as it is easy to learn and teaches the real basics about how to properly ask a question, form loops and variables. With a dwindling number of environments worth coding Basic in as a young developer, FurSuite is here to help fill that gap.

Who created FurSuite?