FurSuite Documentation

Welcome to FurSuite After completing the FurSuite installation, there will be two new Start menu shortcuts located in the Furcadia directory. The first shortcut is for FurSuite and the other is for FurSuite Update. To use Furcadia with FurSuite, open the FurSuite program. Every time you want to open a new Furcadia client with FurSuite, you will need to reopen the FurSuite program.

FurSuite runs invisibly in the background. There is no direct user interface, no system tray icon or task bar icon. FurSuite runs when you open FurSuite and shuts down automatically when you close Furcadia. No GUI allows FurSuite to have a minimal footprint and focus more energy into being just a proxy.

To access the main FurSuite menu, you must be in a game client using FurSuite. You can either say @fur or use `fur. FurSuite's menus are all click based, but all commands can be sent manually to the proxy through the chat box. To see a command, hover your cursor over the button or link.

For your reading pleasure, here is FurSuite's complete Change Log.
FurSuite includes furre direction and position persistence. It records your last know direction and position and goes back to that direction and position the next time you connect to Furcadia.
Reconnect FurSuite to Furcadia. You will return to the spot you were in. This can be used to save your return location for when the proxy reconnects or relogs. It is recommended to save your location if you want to stay in one spot for a long period of time.
Override your current Furcadia connection to return to your saved return location or somewhere nearby it if there is already a furre there.
Disconnect FurSuite from the Furcadia server. Your game client will remain connected to FurSuite, waiting for manual connection.
This will be the only connection option available in the @fur menu if FurSuite is disconnected from Furcadia.
Text Place Holders
While playing Furcadia, you can use a series of place holders that expand into various pieces of information. These place holders are useful for saving time and frustration in various situations.
This will be expanded to your target furre's name. Your target furre is the last furre you looked at or yourself and is the same name you see in Furcadia's username label.
This will expend to the number of hours you have been connected to Furcadia.
This will expend to the number of minutes of the current hour that you have been connected to Furcadia.
This will expend to the number of seconds of the current minute that you have been connected to Furcadia.
Description Fonts
Furre's using FurSuite are able to use markup tags to automatically replace text within their description with its Unicode or designed equivalent, modifying the original description as it is being sent to the Furcadia server.
<circle></circle> All of your letters and numbers will have circles around them.
<fancy></fancy> A cursive like font.
<strong></strong> All of your letters and numbers will have a thick mono look.
Furcadia Style Commands
FurSuite adds a handful of new commands to the Furcadia game client. These commands will require you to use ` (the ~ key).
`map or `select
Select from a list of recently opened map files to upload in the space directly infront of you.
`mapx or `selectx
Select from a list of recently opened map files to upload in the space your furre is currently in.
Upload a map in the space infront of your furre by pathname. 'upload C:\folder\dream.map
Upload a map in the in the space your furre is in by pathname. 'uploadx C:\folder\dream.map
See an alphabetical list of all the dreams loaded on the current map with co-ordinates. Click on dream names to go to that dream.
`ks # or `kd #
Shortened versions of the `kitterdust # command.
This will show you a list of all the furres within chatting distance.
Toggle Furcadia's tab name listing.
See the unscrambled machine information that your game client sends to the game server, optionally launch the Scramble tool with your scrambled machine information preloaded.
`who Name
Use the old onln command to see if another furre is online or offline without using the whisper window or pounce.
FurSuite gives you the ability to toggle "channels" that could otherwise not be turned off. Use them like you would the news or spice channels.
=ads, =adverts, =advertisements
This will toggle Furcadia's advertisements as though it is as channel.
Privacy, Whitelist and Blacklist
Some interactive features included FurSuite use a "whitelist" and a "blacklist". This is where you can change which list each interactive feature uses.
If a feature is using the whitelist, only furres on the whitelist will be able to use that interactive feature. This is where you can remove somebody from the whitelist.
If a feature is using the blacklist, any furre except for the furres on the blacklist will be able to use that feature. This is where you can remove somebody from the blacklist.
Automatic Cuddle
Automatically accept cuddle requests from other players. If you have a silver sponsorship and a players whispers you a message that contains "cuddle", you will send them a cuddle request.
Automatic Follow
Automatically accept follow requests from other players.
Automatic Lead
Automatically accept lead requests from other players.
Automatic Join
Automatically accept join requests from other players.
Automatic Summon
Automatically accept summon requests from other players.
Colour Copy
  • Click any furre to change to their colours.
  • Click on them again to enable Colour Lock. If they change their colours, so will you!
  • Click on yourself to change back to your original colours.
  • Click on yourself again to disable Colour Copy.
While Freeview is enabled, you will retain full motion of your furre without actually moving. You can walk through walls and objects and see where other furres are on the map, but can not hear them. Disable freeview to return to your original avatar.
This will make your x and y coordinates float over your furre. It changes and moves with you as you walk or move around.
Dream Tools
Map Directory
Open the temporary directory for the map you are currently on.
Portal Text
Hide and show the uploader name and dream name over dream portals.
Export Current Map File
Create a copy of the current map into a .map file for any dream your furre is in.
Export Original Map File
Create a copy of the unmodified .map for any dream your furre is in.
Export DragonScript File
Reconstruct the DragonScript Binary File into a humanly readable DragonScript file.
Export DragonScript Binary File
Create a copy of the decrypted .dsb file for any dream your furre is in.
AFK Lock
While AFK Lock is enabled, you will remain AFK while talking, whispering or moving. Your AFK time will continue to count up and you will still send AFK response messages. You will be required to unafk manually. AFK Lock does not prevent Furcadia's auto away feature from functioning.
Anti Eject
While enabled, FurSuite will make an active attempt to prevent your furre from being ejected from any dream where the relog location has been set.
Description Tag
Toggles the display of your furre's FurSuite description tag.
Force Tab
While Force Tab is enabled, tab name display will work in any dream where it has been disabled.
Force Who
While Force Who is enabled, Furcadia's who command will work in any dream where it has been disabled.
No Flip
While No Flip is enabled, you will be protected from screen flipping. This will also unflip your screen if it is currently flipped. Disabling No Flip will return your screen to whichever Furcadia's expected state is, flipped or unflipped.
No Descriptions
While no descriptions is enabled, any furre you click on will not have a description after the "You See" message. Your target furre will still change and portraits will still be downloaded.
No Size
While No Size is enabled, all kitterdust resizing will be negated by FurSuite. This will not change the size of any furres that are already a different size. This feature only blocks kitterdust on your own game client, nobody else's.
No GoBack
This will completely disable Furcadia's goback command, including CTRL+B.
No Visual Effects
This will block visual effects like dragon breath or phoenix flames. Not all animations use the visual effect packet.
Strict Whispers
All of your outgoing whispers will me matched with %, Furcadia's exact name matching prefix. Use this if you always type the exact name of your friends in whispers.
Forward Whispers and Receive Forwarded Whispers
Send all of the whispers you would normally receive in your furre's Pounce window to a different furre. If the furre receiving the whispers also has FurSuite, those whispers will show in their Pounce window if they choose to accept the source of the whispers. You can forward your whispers to only one furre and receive forwarded whispers from any number of furres
Command Line Parameter
-ini "chracter.ini"
Adding this the the end of the target in your FurSuite shortcut will skip the Furcadia character selection window and boot your character straight into Furcadia.
FurSuite will check for updates and give you the option to download and install them or not. FurSuite stores its installation files in your %LocalAppData%\temp directory where they will be deleted the next time you clean your computer.
Other Features
  • Users in banish-list are click to unbanish.
  • No more "active portrait" spam, only displays messages when it actually changes.
  • No Facebook and Twitter share buttons.
  • Dead dream client crash protection.
  • Automatically reconnect to change your colours, species or gender after saving without a sponsorship.
  • Enhanced phoenix speak database management. Phoenix speak arrays are clickable for faster database navigation.
  • Furcadia's character creation does not "expire" unexpectedly. Take as long as you want to create your new characters.
  • See the name of the selected .map file as you begin to upload your dream.
  • A furre's "You see" message will include a menu and an icon with more information about a furre while the cursor is hovering over.
  • You will not be subject to the Furrabian Nights or Naia Green timers that send away furres to the pits.